Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goodbye Blue Monday Feb.25th

Mon Feb 25 08:00 PM
larp and four canadian folk-punk acts
Cud Eastbound (http://www.lostwarren.com/)
Forest Fire (http://forestfire666.bandcamp.com/)
BitterFucked (http://bitterfucked.bandcamp.com/)
Rodeo (http://wylieburp.bandcamp.com/)

1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11221

Larp is Aron Namenwirth and Justin Johnson: Vocals and Guitar, Scott Fulmer: Bass, and Stefan Keneas: Drums. Neal Connolly and Sergio Perez (on non-paid sabbatical)
Collection of personality disorders meet activists with amnesia to produce protest songs that never sound the
same. "Three-chord-avant-trance-punk performance art with an attitude. " John Bailey "A lovely Ruckus" Bruce Pearson

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